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Certificate in Jewish Education and Leadership


The Certificate in Jewish Education and Leadership supports Orthodox Jewish women as they seek to become established, professional educators across the Jewish educational spectrum and within Jewish organizations. It equips educators with skills of effective leadership and training necessary to become effective Jewish educational leaders who successfully serve, perpetuate, and enrich the Jewish community.


This program is designed for those currently working in chinuch and seeking a first credential in the field of Jewish education. It provides students with an advanced layer of training and extended education that can help fill the need for well-trained teachers and educators. Students who complete the program will be able to strengthen their skill set for their current positions, as well as secure advanced positions as educational leaders.


The program of study is comprised of 18 credits and focuses on the development of knowledge in education methodology, Jewish studies, and pastoral counseling in education settings. The Jewish studies component contains both ritual- and text-based courses. The program also incorporates strong components of professional development that emphasize networking, communication skills, negotiating, and team building. The program incorporates a practicum experience in a Jewish setting.

Program Goals

Upon completion of the Certificate in Jewish Education and Leadership, graduates will demonstrate the ability to:


  • Apply ethical principles of effective leadership that are reflective of Jewish traditions and contemporary leadership theory.

  • Serve as a leader, educator, and professional in ways that strengthen and enrich individuals, families, communities, and society.

  • Exhibit an understanding of basic teaching strategies, instructional techniques, and curriculum design that draws from Jewish traditions and culture.

  • Apply instructional techniques and skills in order to strengthen the learning and religious development of Jewish students

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