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New! Redesigned Graphic Design Courses

The Art & Graphic Design minor at WITS has been completely redesigned for the 2020-2021 academic year. The minor is now comprised of nine NEW courses that teach up to date design concepts through print and web based lessons and projects. All courses will be taught on new Mac computers using the latest versions of Adobe programs. 


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To create a car drawing you’ll need to either have the models visible, or have a graphic designer available to you to do the processing.

Create the car drawing.

For each layer using your canvas, and the model styles first, save the file under the icons and save it under Illustrator. Press Ctrl + J to select the layer. In Illustration, draw the pen, color, and draw your model. Fill the pen with paint. But make sure your bowl is colorful so it matches the pen color, or background. Then add a line underneath the pen in the model and fill it in with paint and resize it if necessary.

Now let’s create the frame so the model can display.…



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